I need to do a quick shout out to everyone!  I have been crazy busy getting the final touches done on my new novel VEYRON so as you may have noticed I have been an easy recipe slacker!  Now other than doing the fun book signing events that I can work into a normal schedule, I am again free to work on new easy and tasty recipes.

So, what have I been doing? Well, it started slow enough -over the last 12 months I drafted and refined the storyline for VEYRON.  Then things began to pick up as we needed to get a cover design concept together and then work with people to make it a reality.

Next, there was the rewrite after the editor did his work, and then another read through, and second cleansing by a second editor.  Then off to the printer, and another read through on the bound book.  We gave the go ahead for production and we were off.

Once the novel was imprinted we could send it to the computer gurus to begin the conversion into the e-book format.  And today I am happy to announce the e-book version was approved and sent off to all retailers.

So now, I can get back to improving the quality of my meals, and hopefully yours.

Good Eating and Table Talk,



Recently discharged unofficial Army Ranger Amber Reyes, now residing in Los Angeles, meets ex-FBI agent Jack Fields.  They merge their formidable skills to form 3-D Security.  A London insurer hires them to do a simple security review of a firm that stores gold for the wealthy.  Now all they need to do to grow their new client is live long enough to thwart an elaborate gold heist. Available in select bookstores and all e-book formats.

Available in select bookstores, all e-book formats, and through

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