I have two super easy appetizers you can put together in no time for your holiday party or to bring to a party.  The first recipe was inspired by a foodista play on the deviled egg, the twist is they use a guacamole filling.  The second appetizer recipe is my salute to the traditional Thanksgiving meal.



12 eggs

store bought guacamole

Sriracha chili sauce


Fill a large pot with  enough water to cover eggs.

Bring water to boil on medium high heat and then reduce heat to strong simmer.

After 8 minutes poor hot water from pot and add cool faucet water to eggs in pot until water stays cool.

Remove shells from eggs.

Slice eggs in half, remove and discard yolk.

Spoon prepared guacamole into the cavity of each egg half (foodista has a great guacamole recipe but I’m all about easy).

Put a small dot of Sriracha sauce on each egg, cover and refrigerate.

The only thing easier to make for a party is the next recipe.


1 loaf French bread

fresh or packaged turkey slices

dressing (stove top works just fine if you don’t have left overs)

fresh cranberries




If you do not have left over dressing, prepare stove top dressing per box.

Slice French bread making about 19 slices or so.

Spread small amount of Mayonnaise on each bread slice.

Add turkey slice to each bread slice.

Drizzle a little Worcestershire sauce on meat.

Add a small spoon of dressing.

top with one cranberry each, affixed with tooth pick.

Cover with wrap and refrigerate.

That’s it, two appetizers done in a flash.


My inspiration for the turkey dinner appetizer came as a result of an invite at the Sparkling Pink Bunnies soccer game. While watching the kids my sister in-law invited us to Thanksgiving and went on to tell me it would be a non-traditional menu consisting of ribs and pasta.  I asked if I could bring a couple appetizers and with her blessing I was on the job.

I had seen the cool foodista egg recipe and thought it would go well with the non-traditional menu.  But, of course, I needed to make it even easier to prepare. And then I started thinking what would be a good second appetizer.

And then it came to , if the party was going non-traditional that could mean only one thing to me ….I must offset with a shout out to the traditional.

And then it came to me. Knowing that my sister-in-law has a good sense of humor, instead of the traditional bruschetta appetizer I would make a non-traditional one consisting of elements of a traditional Thanksgiving meal.

I brought both the appetizers to the party and can tell you they were gone in no time! Hope your holiday season is easy and tasty!

Good Eating and Table Talk,


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