Easy Sausage And Rice Stuffed Bell Peppers


I was racking my brain trying to figure out how to get more sausage into my diet.  And then it came to me – sausage and rice stuffed bell peppers! This easy recipe can be made from start to plate in less than an hour.


Recipe serves 4


4 bell peppers

One and 1/4 lb. andouille sausage

1 medium onion – diced

One and 1/4 C cooked rice (for faster meal use 1 pouch Trader Joe’s frozen jasmine rice)

1/4 lb. minced fresh mushrooms

1/2 C beef broth

1/2 C Madeira

1 clove garlic – minced

1 Tbsp Dijon mustard

2 Tbsp butter

1 Tbsp fresh lemon juice

Gruyere cheese to taste – grated


In a large pot boil enough water to float bell peppers in.

While water heats, slice the top off each bell pepper and remove the seeds and ribs.

Prepare the onion, mushrooms, and garlic

Place the bell  peppers into the boiling water for 5 minutes. With oven gloves on, remove the pot from the heat, pour out boiling water and run cold water in the pot to cool the bell peppers (repeat as necessary). Pat the cooled bell peppers with paper towel.

In fry pan brown the sausage.  As it browns break sausage into small pieces.

Remove excess grease from pan.  Next spoon out browned sausage and set aside.

Place 1 Tsp butter in fry pan, add the onion, mushrooms and garlic.  Saute until onions are soft.

Add mustard to onion mixture and stir.

In sauce pan heat the beef broth, Madeira, lemon juice, and 1 Tbsp butter. Stir as the butter melts.

Pour sauce over the onion mixture and stir it in.

Add the rice and sausage to the onion mixture and stir to mix.

Heat oven to 375 degrees.

Place bell peppers in oven pan.

Fill each pepper with the stuffing mixture

Add about one inch of water to the oven pan.

Cook stuffed peppers in oven for 25 minutes.

Remove oven pan, grate Gruyere cheese onto top of each bell pepper and return pan to oven just long enough to melt the cheese.

And that’s all there is to making an easy awesome dinner for your family or dinner guests.


I’m getting the air show bug again. It’s been about two years since the last time I went to the Miramar Air Show. This year the event is from October 12 through 14.  You can get more information at http://miramarairshow.com/tickets.html

Typically I fight my way down the 405 south and get to Miramar just about in time to run to the the viewing stands to watch the stunt pilot and military precision flying displays. Not this year.

This year my plan is to get on the road super early so I can beat the traffic. I want to arrive at Miramar early enough to park, hike to the tarmac, and watch the RC airplane club pilots show off their skills.  Next I’m going to casually walk the tarmac as I take in all  the planes on display.

Finally, it will be time to grab a beer and a Johnsonville Italian sausage sandwich and take my place in the stands. I should have about half my food down when the jet powered truck blasts down the runway.

No matter how many times I attend the show, I’m always surprised when the lone Blue Angel jet that earlier broke away from the formation, blasts from behind us and across the field, low and fast, very fast.

If you go to the air show, and you see me, be sure to say hi – real loud, so I can hear you over the roar of jets!

Good Eating and Table Talk,


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