This week our easy recipe comes from Sue! It’s been awhile, but she is back with a super easy Hearty Spinach Salad.  This great, easy recipe was prepared by Nancy from Sue’s book club for one of the club’s gatherings.  Sue is not sure if it is Nancy’s original recipe or whether Nancy got it from someone else.  All ingredients can be found at Trader Joe’s.

Serves at least 4 as a main dish.



1 bag baby spinach -12 oz

6 oz feta cheese

17.6 oz ready to eat steamed lentils

14.5 oz bruscheta sauce

French Bread


Wash the baby spinach and dry it in spinner or towel.

Place spinach in large bowl.  Add lentils, 

feta, and bruscheta sauce.  Gently fold the mixture together. Slice French bread and plate the salad.  And in just a few minutes you have made an easy  an awesome main dish or side salad that your friends will think you worked on for hours!

Good Eating And Table Conversation!



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