AND STUFF – September 19, 2011  

I am very excited about Easy Recipes and Stuff’s new page, Easy Fish and Vegetarian Recipes. Even the most casual reader of my blog knows that my focus has been on various meat and shellfish recipes.  The blog’s original goal of providing easy, fun recipes for the new cook will continue as before, but now the recipe options will be expanded to include fish and vegetarian style dishes also! 

I am not a vegetarian, but I will take great effort to assure that the ingredients chosen for this page do not contain offending elements. In the event an error is made, we welcome your input, and assure you we will substitute ingredients as necessary.      

So, I hope that you will find Easy Fish and Vegetarian Recipes easy, fun, and tasty. I can tell you I am looking forward to creating new exciting recipes and working with guest bloggers who want to share their favorite fish and vegetarian recipes!     

Good Eating and Table Talk,


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