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So I’m tired of just posting easy recipes. I have something like 240 easy recipes in the archives that you can search and dine off for the next two years!  I’m thinking … lets have some fun.


So, do this; think of your wants on a Las Vegas vacation and put yourself in one of three groups: never been to Las Vegas, been there, and bored by Vegas.

I have been going to Vegas for at least 25 years. Back in the day I  stayed at and loved the Sands. The low level rooms surrounded by a grass bordered pool. It was more motel than resort.

She who must be obeyed and I were there when the pirates across the street fired their first cannons and the fountains down the strip danced to a great tune.

So, here’s the deal if you want a Vegas tip. If you have the money you must get a fountain view room at Bellagio! Tune the fountain music onto the TV and enjoy watching the fountains from high above the grounds.

Don’t have enough juice for Bellagio? In descending order take down Venetian, Paris, Mirage, and Monte Carlo.

And if you have been to the Strip a few times consider leaving the strip!

Here’s a secret: there are local casinos and those in the know frequent those casinos.  Consider staying and playing at the Red Rock Casino, or Green Valley Casino. What’s cool off strip? Smiles you get from the team workers, better odds, nice neighborhoods to stroll through, and less of the self-employed – unemployed street workers.

Where would I stay off strip? I not only would but did stay at Red Rock last weekend! It is about 12 miles from the sadness that is the sidewalk along the strip. It has red rock views, a great pool. good restaurants, and people that seem to care about you.

So, if it is your first time hit the strip! But if you are tired of the whole strip thing consider Red Rock or Green Valley.

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