Easy Tapas Dinner

Easy Recipe

So with both the World Series and NFL season in full force I was thinking we needed to do a super easy finger food dinner recipe. So this week the easy recipe is my take on tapas. BBQ Chicken with Cuban black bean nachos, and Italian sausage, olive, artichoke, pear tapas.

chicken nacho



Chicken Nachos

1 lb. Boneless skinless chicken breast – BBQ until fully cooked and slice.

Tomato – sliced into wedges.

Avocado – sliced.

1 can Cuban Black Beans (Trader Joes).

Nacho chips.

Cheese for melting on chips, and white cheese for beans.

Italian sausage tapas

1 package pre-cooked Italian sausage – heated per packaging – cut into bite sized pieces.

1 can marinated artichoke.

Variety of black and green olives.

Red onion – sliced.

Tomato – sliced into wedges.

Avocado – sliced into wedges.

Pears – sliced.

Huntsman cheese – sliced.

Plate on large plater or individual plates, and enjoy the game.

Good Eating and Table Talk,


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