Lime Tequila Shots


New Years Eve is coming and I’m guessing some of my readers may throw a party.  I saw a photo in Sunset magazine that I thought was cool, if I saw what I thought I saw. So if I did see what I thought I saw  in the photo I give props to Sunset.  If not, then I came up with something pretty cool.  Lime tequila shot glasses.


serves 10


Fifth of quality agave tequila.

10 to 15 large limes.

Kosher salt.



Slice the lime in half.

Slice a little bit off both ends of the lime so it sits level. Make certain you do not slice through to the lime interior.

Carve around the interior as you would do with a grapefruit. and then spoon out the fruit center.


Dip top edge in kosher salt, and measure a shot of tequila (so you and your guests can drink responsibly) and pour the shot into the lime.

How about that for an easy and cool way to bring in the new year.


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