Naked Muenster Cheeseburger


Do you ever get tired of eating buns and bread?  I do sometimes.  So I created the naked cheeseburger.  If you want a bun no worries, the easy to make juicy burger is willing to cover up!

naked burger

Recipe serves 4


1.20  pounds ground beef (85%).

4 pork breakfast sausages (.40 pound total weight).

4 leaves Napa Cabbage.

4 pickle spears.



4 slices muenster cheese.

4 servings Roasted Corn (frozen Trader Joes)


Divide ground beef into 4 equal servings.  Add one skinned sausage link to each portion of ground beef and work together to form 4  patties.  Salt and pepper to taste.

Wash 4 nice Napa cabbage leaves and pat dry with paper towel.

Slice onion and tomato.

Plate Napa cabbage leaves and tomato slices.

Barbecue burgers until cooked to your liking and then add cheese to melt.

Heat roasted corn per directions on package.

Place the cheeseburger on the stock portion of each plated cabbage leaf, and arrange the onion, tomato, and corn.

And just like that you have an awesome, juicy, bun-less cheeseburger dinner!


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