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I had planned to post my three grandma’s meatloaf recipe this week, but to be honest it didn’t work.  I think the problem was incorporating too much Italian style sauce into the meat mixture.  The final texture was somewhere between sloppy Joe and meat loaf.  Tasted good but looked awful.  I may try it again someday, but for now I needed a sure thing for the post.

So I turned  to Chef John for his go to garlic shrimp.  I watched Chef John cook his shrimp at the International Food Blogger Conference in Portland a while back, and it looked great.  So I dug up my event notes, and then viewed his handy youtube video.  Here is my take on Chef John’s garlic shrimp, this time served with a Caesar salad.

Since the name of my blog is easyrecipes I cheat whenever I can.  I figure anything I can do to make cooking great meals easier for my readers after a long day at work is good.  So, rather than make Caesar salad from scratch I used the Trader Joe’s Complete Caesar Style salad kit.  All I did was rinse and spin dry the romaine lettuce.   Okay, that was easy.

The key to his recipe is having all your components ready before you start cooking.  The reason is the shrimp  cooks up very quickly so you have to be ready to rock.

Recipe serves 4.


1 lb large shrimp (16 pieces)

1 bag Caesar salad kit (or knock yourself out and make it from scratch).

2 heaping Tbsp garlic – finely minced.

1/4 cup chopped parsley.

Juice of one lemon.

1 Tbsp brine from jar of Capers.

3 separate tablespoon size slices of butter.

1 Tbsp virgin olive oil.

1/4 to 1/2 tsp of dry red pepper flakes – depending on how much heat you want.

Dash of sea salt.


Finely mince garlic.

Wash, dry, and chop parsley.

Juice lemon and to it add one tablespoon of Caper brine and stir.

Shell and de-vein shrimp.

Rinse romaine lettuce, spin dry and prepare the Caesar salad kit in large bowl.

Heat olive oil in a large iron fry pan until very hot but not burning.

Add shrimp to hot oil and level the shrimp out with tongs; fry for one minute and use tongs to turn shrimp over, add pinch of salt, and heat for one more minute.

Add red pepper flakes and garlic and stir shrimp for one minute to coat the shrimp and bring up the redness.

Add in lemon juice mixture and one tablespoon of butter and stir.  When the first tab of butter melts add the other two tablespoons of butter and stir mixture for one minute.

Add parsley and stir in briefly.

Plate the shrimp, add Caesar salad and in no time at all you prepared an awesome dinner for family or friends!


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