This week’s Grilled Gruyere Cheese and Turkey Sandwich recipe is super easy and great tasting!  You can get this meal on the plate in less than 15 minutes!  All you need to do is pick up a few ingredients on the way home from work and it’s show time!

easy grilled cheese and turkey


recipe serves 4


1 lb sliced deli pepper turkey

1/2 lb Gruyere cheese

Tuscan Pane Classic Italian Bread (sliced)

Savory Cranberry Cabernet Sauce (jar available at Whole Foods or WineCranberrySauce.com)

2 tomatoes (thinly sliced)

8 large fresh basil leafs

10 oz bag of shredded cabbage

5 Tbsp Light Champagne Vinairgrette Salad Dressing

unsalted butter


Place shredded cabbage in large bowl and stir in 5 Tbsp of Light Champagne Vinairgrette. Next stir in a dash of ground pepper and salt.

Butter 8 slices of Tuscan Pane bread.  Place 2 slices butter side down in fry pan.

On the bread in fry pan layer cheese, turkey, tomato slices, 2 basil leafs.

To remaining bread top slices add to side without butter a generous serving of Savory Cranberry Cabernet Sauce.  Place bread butter side up to complete sandwich in fry pan.

Heat fry pan on medium high.  The butter on bottom will melt and quite quickly the bread will become golden brown.  Carefully flip the sandwich and brown the the other side.

Repeat procedure for remaining two sandwiches.

Plate sandwiches with side of easy coleslaw and enjoy your super easy, fast, and tasty dinner!


I’m not big on crowds and shopping.  But She Who Must Be Obeyed and number two son wanted to hit the massive discount shopping mall near Banning.  So I had no choice but to suck it up and enter the world of shoulder to shoulder bargain hunters.

And, just to make things interesting it was near 100 degrees, and oh yeah portions of the mall are being renovated so the throngs walk along narrow boarded off walkways.  I felt like a blood cell passing through a clogged artery.

But, I manned up (?), and shopped my way through the jammed mall.

I get bored easily.  So while Sue and son shopped I began to crowd watch.  I noticed large groups of Asian tourists.  Some with guides happily shopping the discounts.  And then the irony hit me.  I would bet almost all the merchandise on sale was made in Asia and shipped to the California desert for market.   And now tourists who had traveled from all corners of Asia were scooping up the discounted merchandise for the  triumphant return trip across the Pacific Ocean.

Absolutely wonderful example of the world market in operation.  I wonder if I could get a discounted Ford on an Asian holiday?

Good Eating and Table Talk,


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