Easy Southwest Style Relish


So your making my easy shrimp tacos and you need a super easy but awesome restaurant quality Southwest Style Relish.  Here is an easy recipe to turn these simple ingredients,

Southwest relish ingredients

                                                                                                                                              Into this!

Southwest Relish


1/2 16 oz jar of sliced Jalapeno Peppers and juice.

1 Carrot sliced into rounds.

1/2 white onion sliced into thin rounds and halved.

2 Tbsp fresh Cilantro,  chopped.


In a plastic storage container pour the onion, carrots, jalapenos and juice, and cilantro.

Seal the container, shake to mix, and put the container in refrigerator for 24 hours.

Plate the Easy Southwest Style Relish and when your guests rave about how awesome your spicy relish is, keep how easy it was to prepare to yourself.  Just smile and say it took you 24 hours to make!


Ever play what picture doesn’t belong in this group of pictures with your kid?  Sometimes it takes a discerning eye to catch the improper picture.

So I was leaving the gym this morning after a great workout.  Wonderfully sunny day.  The big winds of the day before had died down but there was still the occasional large wave coming over the break wall.  Just a perfect SoCal day. People jogging or riding their bikes down the palm tree lined road.  And then I walked past the pickup truck.

I didn’t need a discerning eye, I needed a reality check.  In the passenger seat was a deer head with large antlers.  And in the truck bed were four of five more deer heads, and it goes without saying, fishing poles.

What is wrong with the picture?  Ocean, palm trees, bikers, sun, fishing poles, deer heads.  Wait,  I know this one, ah jeeze,  I heard about the baby seals washing ashore sick, but pretty sure there was no report of deer washing ashore. deer hunting in Redondo Beach  So, OK no two ways about it the inappropriate image is the 5 or 6 mounted deer heads!

It was as if Spock beamed me back to Montana.  I felt disoriented, and a little worried about the state of mind.  Knowing that no one would believed me I took some pictures with my phone.

Other than that just another day in paradise.

Good Eating and Table Talk,


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