Tender Country Style Pork Shoulder

This week I’m using an  inexpensive meat to make a great winter family meal. This easy recipe uses pork shoulder blade which is very reasonably priced and, if cooked slowly, makes a super tasty tender meal. The key to this meal is a large fry pan with a cover and time.  The meat is cheap because, unless you cook all the fat out it is tough.  But simmer the meat covered in a fry pan for 2 hours or so and a miracle happens; the cheap cut of pork becomes fall off the bone tender and tasty.


tender pork shoulder This recipe serves 4


3 lbs Country Style Pork Shoulder Blade

1 Onion sliced

2 Carrots sliced into coin size pieces

1 Cup Pale Ale beer

1 Cup Chicken stock

BBQ Sauce

1 Tbsp Garlic – minced

2 Rosemary stem

1/4 cup red wine.

Rice as side.


Heat a tablespoon of olive oil at medium high heat in the fry pan.  Add the onion and sweat for a few minutes.  Add the carrots and garlic.

Open the beer (do not drink at least one cup)

Coat the pork on all sides with BBQ sauce and dash of salt and pepper.

Remove the vegetables from the fry pan, place pork on fry pan and briefly brown on both sides. Add the beer, stock, and vegetables. Add the Rosemary.


Bring contents to strong simmer,  cover, and reduce heat to maintain simmer.  Total simmer time will about 2 and 1/2 hours.

After one hour gently turn the pork over, and add 1/4 cup of red wine, and 1/4 cup more chicken stock.

Make rice as a side.

When plating be gentle because the meat is so tender it can fall off the bone.  Spoon a little of the broth on the pork and rice, garnish with a few of the cooked onions and carrots and that’s all there is to a great family meal.


Well it took four and a half years on the waiting list, but the day finally came.  I got the letter, enough people had died or moved so that there was finally a chance I could join the men’s club at Los Verdes Golf Course! I along with many others showed up at the annual new member meeting, check in hand, and waited as the membership committee went over the actual number of openings versus the number of people invited to attend the selection meeting. And then they started calling names based on date of application. After maybe 8 people my name was called!

I filled out the forms, handed it and my check to the committee and walked through the doors into the bar for a beer before dinner.  Life is good.

Los Verdes Golf Course is a public course, but with if its great conditions and views it might shame many  private clubs.  photo (9)The only problems are it’s hard to get a tee time and it’s a little slow.  But now that I’m in the men’s club those issues are no longer in play because we have a monthly tournament. Played the New Member tournament last week with two members and another newbie.  Great guys, great fun.

My suggestion to everyone is, if you golf (and I use that term loosely in my case) get on the waiting list at your local public right away, because the sooner you do the sooner you’ll be golfing with a great group of people.

Good Eating and Table Talk,


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