Like just about the entire world I’m getting ready for hungry guests on Super Sunday!  But, I want to watch the game too!  So I needed an easy recipe that will feed the whole gang.  How about a hot dog buffet.  Other than very basic cooking skills, all you have to worry about is deciding how many dogs and toppings you will need to feed your guests. And, what the heck, I’ll throw in a super easy salad recipe to balance out your table.

Hot dog buffet




All beef franks (I used Nathan’s Bigger Than The Bun)

Polish Sausages

15 oz can No Beans Chili (or more)

Large Hot Dog Buns

White Onion – chopped

Tomato – sliced

Avocado – wedges

Cheddar Cheese – grated

Sweet Relish

Kosher Dill Spears

Jalapeno Pepper slices (jar)

Yellow Mustard


Prepare buffet style bowls with your toppings: chopped onions, sweet relish, pickle spears, jalapeno pepper, grated cheese, tomato slices, cover and refrigerate.

When the guests start to get hungry BBQ or boil the polish sausages per package instruction, and toward the end add the all beef hot dogs.

Heat the chili, peal and slice the avocado, place both in bowls and put in the buffet line along with the other toppings stored in the refrigerator.

Chicago Style Hot Dog:  to bun add all beef frankfurter, top with mustard, chopped onions, sweet relish, a dill pickle spear, and tomato slices.

Polish Sausage Dog:  to bun add Polish sausage, top with white onion, yellow mustard, and jalapeno.

Chili Hot Dog: to bun add all beef frankfurter, top with chili, cheese, onion and avocado wedges.

For Easy Tomato Artichoke Salad side:


4 large tomatoes

1/2 red onion

30 Kalamata pitted olives

1 and a 1/2 12oz jar Marinated Artichokes

10 fresh basil leaves

2 Tbsp Balsamic Vinegar

1 tsp  Olive oil

1 Tbsp white wine

1 tsp Italian seasoning

1/2 C Feta crumbled cheese

salt and pepper to taste


Quarter the tomatoes, and scoop out the seeds. Cut the tomatoes into bite size pieces.

Slice the Kalamata olives in half.

Slice the red onion into thin rounds and then in half.

Chop the basil leaves.

Drain the juice from the jar of artichokes, cut any large pieces in half.

Pour the preceding items into a large bowl.

Add a dash of salt and ground pepper

In a small bowl mix the olive oil, balsamic vinegar, wine, and Italian dressing. Add dressing to contents of large bowl and gently mix.

Add the feta cheese and gently mix.


And there you go, three great hot dog choices, and a super fresh salad.  All you need now are friends, some drinks,  and the game!  Have a fun and safe Super Sunday!

Good Eating and Table Talk,


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