I had a ton of things to do and only a small envelope of time for making dinner. So it looked like a job for the Ninja Cooking System and my easy Santa Fe Chicken Soup recipe. If you have the ingredients this recipe can be put together in 18 minutes, with only one cooking device!


Easy Santa Fe Soup

Recipe Serves 4


1 lb. boneless skinless chicken breast

15 oz can chicken broth

15 oz can diced tomatoes

15 oz can white beans (drain packing fluid and rinse beans with water)

1/2 jalapeno -seeded and minced.

1 C frozen  roasted corn (rinse in water to thaw then drain water)

1 large onion – diced

2 Tbsp fresh Italian Parsley – chopped ( and more for garnish)

1 Tbsp Olive oil

2 cloves garlic minced

2 tsp ground cumin

1 tsp Scotty B’s Chipotle Fever Sauce (or similar)

salt & pepper to taste.

Grate some cheddar cheese garnish.


Dice onion, seed and mince jalapeno, mince garlic, chop the Italian parsley – set aside.

Slice chicken into bite size pieces.

If you have a NINJA cooking system or other such appliance turn it on to stove top setting -high (if not use a fry pan),

Heat olive oil and add the chicken salt and pepper to taste.

After browning the chicken for five  minutes add the onions to sweat for a minutes.

Add the chicken broth, diced tomatoes, jalapeno,  Italian parsley, garlic, Chipotle sauce. and stir.

Add the beans and stir. DSCN2269

Cover and change Ninja operating selection to slow cooker. If set to high cook for 4 hours and if low cook for 7 hours.

When timer goes off plate the dish and add a little cheese and parsley as garnish.

You just freed up a ton of time and made an awesome home cooked dinner for 4!


It’s been a good year. The blog has taken off! We are now consistently getting from 25,000 to over 30,000 hits a month!  I am very thankful for everyone who stops by to catch the weekly new recipe and stuff story. And now, the blog has a great recipe archive you can turn to for tons of recipes.

You may have noticed that I took down a lot of the “advertisers”.  I had been experimenting with monetization via click through ads. And after giving it a good shot I came to the conclusion I was basically providing advertising space for free.  Why bother. So I have paired that aspect of the blog down. Not sure what direction that will take next year. In the meantime, I enjoy my weekly posts and the family enjoys being my meal testers.

On the screenwriting front,  “Goldplay” won top billing on a monthly contest, and “The Good Son” has been submitted to a production company (we shall see what comes of that). I also have my fingers crossed on a contest through which the winner gets their screenplay table read at Sundance. And I just finished my 5th full length  screenplay which is a sequel to “Goldplay”.

I am looking forward to penning new recipes, and stuff stories, and screenplays in 2013!

It’s going to get hectic around our house soon, so She Who Must Be Obeyed, and I, want to take this opportunity to wish you all a Wonderful Holiday Season and a Great New Year!

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