I discovered a great jalapeno chicken sausage at Whole Foods and matched it with Sue’s garden fresh peas, oregano and basil to come up with an easy meal for family or friends. Just follow the step by step directions and  enjoy!

Recipe serves four.


1 lb. jalapeno chicken sausage

1 – 14.5 oz can tomato sauce

1- 14.5 oz can diced tomatoes

1/4  cup peas

1/3 onion – minced

1/3 red bell pepper – diced

1/4 cup red wine

2 cloves garlic – diced

1 Tbsp fresh oregano – diced

1 Tbsp fresh basil – diced

8 oz Penne Rigate pasta


In large sauce pan heat tomato sauce and diced tomatoes.  Add diced oregano, basil, garlic, red bell pepper and wine.

Brown sausage with skin on. Remove from fry pan and cut into bite size rounds.

Saute onion.

Add sausage and onion to sauce bring to boil and reduce to simmer.

In large pot bring water to boil and then add pasta.  Reduce to strong simmer until pasta is al dente. Place peas in colander and drain pasta in the colander to heat the peas. 

Plate pasta and peas, add sauce with sausage, top with parmesan cheese, and garnish plate with sprig of fresh basil.


I think I figured out why every television show is geared to the 10 to 30 year old age group. There is an inverse correlation between age and needs.  A young person needs everything whether they need it or not.  The new consumer must have the new video game, phone, I-this or I-that, gadget, shoes, clothes, car, thing, thing,  and of course the other thing.  Every show and star on or off the screen is knowingly or unwittingly creating a need that kids think must be fulfilled.

Conversely, assuming a mature person has the basics, that person has minimal consumer needs.  Recently She Who Must Be Obeyed asked me what I wanted for Father’s Day.  I thought for awhile, and responded that there was nothing I really needed.  I don’t need the latest golf driver, as the one I have slices perfectly well.  I don’t need a tie, as I’m actually trying to get away from ties.  I have two perfectly good pairs of dress shoes, and  enough suits to last out what’s left of my career.    Nope don’t need nothing.  Don’t want one of those new “computers” that instead of being useful are little more than a gaming machine with Internet.  I already have a phone for that.

The TV  ads  left me feeling  abandoned and …… unneeded.

But then,  I realized that my age group is still sought after by the advertisers!   It’s just now the products aren’t fun or cool.  They tell me I need this drug or that drug to make some things hurt less and other things get bigger.   The  advertisers depict retired people enjoying retirements that after two stock market crashes and a never ending recession are unobtainable. TV repeats  ad nauseam  ads for a three-wheel motorcycle – really three wheels?  Hell, its even easier to operate my car which has  four wheels , and I can open my windows if I need the feeling of the open road.

So, great news,  it turns out they are still trying to sell me stuff I don’t need or want.  I guess I’m just mature enough to say no to things I don’t need, or too stubborn to cross over into the world of treating every little ailment that pops up. Here’s a little secret, life is much calmer and happier if one focuses on what one actually needs versus what others tell you is needed.

Life is good.  Think I’ll spend time with my kids  and later go for a walk with She Who Must Be Obeyed – that’s what I need.

Happy Father’s Day!

Good Eating and Table Talk,


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