I have been toying with the idea of making seared ahi for a long time.  And finally, I got up the nerve to do it!  For my first attempt I goofed and used good but frozen ahi.  To be honest after the ahi was thawed  it looked so horrible I couldn’t even think of eating it semi-raw.  The lesson learned was you absolutely must buy Sushi-grade fresh ahi.  If money is a concern, just make the servings smaller to offset the cost.  This is one of those situations where less can be more.

The following easy step by step recipe makes a tremendous family meal or dinner for friends, and it is a snap to put together!



Talks cheap!  Actions speak!

All winter I had been waiting for the usual snow dumps in Mammoth. But it didn’t dump.  I went up a couple times, and can honestly say that the groomers did an absolutely fantastic job getting the mountain in good shape with only minimal natural snow.  Hats off to the groomers!

But, I was beginning to think that maybe I would skip my MVP pass next year.  Started thinking maybe I should apply the money to exploring other ski areas.  Yup, that was the plan. Yes siree, moving on.

Then, last weekend I was hit with a double whammy.  The dump finally arrived dropping almost 4 feet of snow over the weekend; and the CEO of Mammoth e-mailed MVP holders to advise us that the 2013 passes would sell at the same price as 2012, and early renewals would get a $50 bonus.

All of a sudden my big talk about moving on to new hills seemed a tad rash.  I would have to reconsider my position. And reconsider I did.  The problem with me reconsidering is that it drives She Who Must Be Obeyed crazy.  I talk and decide and then I talk and undecided etc etc. Until she tells me she has lost interest in my self debate.

The e-mail from the CEO came  out on Friday.  The first day 2013 MVP’s were on sale was Monday.  And by Monday, at around 10:00 A.M.,  I was signed up for the new season.

OK, I admit it, I folded like a cheap umbrella.  It’s just that Mammoth is so great, so close, and  the snow is usually so deep you need a snorkel. At the end of the day  there was simply no way I could walk away from my pass.

Now here I am getting ready to ski the great new snow that just arrived, while at the same time counting the days until the new season starts.  Hi, I’m Roger and I have a skiing problem.

Good Eating and Table Talk,


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