Picked up my son from practice, got home, looked in refrigerator and dinner pickings were slim.  So only one thing to do, breakfast for dinner!  Why only have tasty french toast at breakfast?  My son loves the occasional breakfast for dinner.  So, if you are in a bind, whip up a tasty dinner with my easy recipe for Denver style Ham Omelet and French Toast .




I recently read about a national poll that designated California as one of the most disliked States in America.  I’ll try not to take that personally. What’s not to like? Let’s examine some of the positives California brings to the table.

The Inland Empire is still America’s vegetable and fruit garden. I suspect that many people forget that California is still an agricultural engine. People need food, so that should be a positive vote for California.

There are still vast amounts of oil reserve and production in California. Heck there are even refineries making gasoline in California; just try to get one of those things permitted these days. People need gas and oil, so that should be a positive vote for California.

There are world leading aviation, satellite and space development companies located throughout Southern California.  And of course the computer revolution, and evolution, to a significant extent played out with Northern California companies. People need and like computers and apps, so that should be a positive vote for California.

Movie studios and television networks are located in California. People like movies and television shows, so that should be a positive vote for California.  And let’s not forget D-land and its production companies.

World class wines are produced from Temecula, to Santa Ynez, to Napa Valley and beyond.

There are great cities like San Diego, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and San Francisco. There is wonderful golfing in Palm Springs.  You can ski world class ski areas like Mammoth and Tahoe. And there are national treasures like Yosemite, and The Redwood Forrest.

And yet, California is one of the most disliked states according to the poll.  Maybe they only polled people who know me; but I’m trying not to take this personally.  What’s not to like? Oh, oh ………. the people? Hey we’re not so bad.  OK, we can at times be a little bit “out there”, in an eccentric but harmless uncle at the family reunion kind of way.  Probem solved, cut your new crazy California Uncle some slack and vote us up next year from most disliked …. to how about,  whacky but not so bad. Yeah, I could handle being rated not so bad.

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