This week I am adding a new easy recipe as an alternative to the every day ground beef taco;  the Easy Fish Taco. I’m not big on breaded fish, so my easy recipe just uses herbs, lime juice, and olive oil to prepare the fish for the grill. The result was approved by my 13 year old son, so it must be a good fish taco!

Recipe serves 4.


1 lb. fish filets ( I used cod but you can use whatever you like or looks the freshest)

8 soft corn taco shells

4 limes

2 avocados – sliced

1 red onion – diced

1 tomato – diced

1/2 cup cilantro – chopped

14.5 oz black or re-fried beans

olive oil

1/2 Tbsp chipotle chili pepper

1/2 Tbsp ground cumin

4 Tbsp low fat mayo

Colby cheese – grated

Siracha (spicy red sauce in Asian food section)


Rinse and paper towel dry the fish filets. Place filets on a plate and drizzle olive oil on each filet, then spread oil with fingers. Halve two limes.  Squeeze juice of one lime on the filets and  then  sprinkle each with half the chipotle and cumin powder. Flip the filets drizzle with oil , juice of the second lime,  and add the remain chiptole chili pepper and cumin.    Finally sprinkle a little chopped cilantro and salt and pepper on the fish.  Cover the fish with plastic wrap and refrigerate.

Chop lettuce, dice onion, tomato, and place in small bowls for individual use.

To a small bowl add the mayo and add maybe a 1/4 tsp of Siracha, squeeze a little lime juice and stir.  If you want the mayo spicier add more Siracha.

Heat BBQ grill to high.  Grill fish on each side for 4 minutes.  Only turn fish once to avoid breakage.

Heat beans on oven.

In the last 4 minutes of grilling peel the avocados and cut into strips.

Place 8 soft taco shells on a paper plate, cover with damp paper towel and cook in microwave for 40 seconds.

Plate one fish filet on each taco shell and invite your family or guests to add the goodies in the bowels, and small plate of lime and avocado slices, to construct their vision of the perfect taco. I like to put a little smear of the mayo-siracha spread on half the taco shell and top with all the goodies. Repeat as necessary!


You may recall, She Who Must Be Obeyed, maneuvered me such that I had no choice but to go on a two night ski club trip to Mammoth. Although it seemed like my idea to go, her mind tricks were controlling my will. Whatever, I went.

Off to a rocky start.

I arrived early as advised, to get a good seat. I was maybe the 8th person there.  Went into the bus planning to find a nice seat, and discovered that those with good TV positioning had jackets hats and other signs of being reserved. So I found a seat with a fairly good view of a TV.  Struck up a conversation with a nice guy in front of me, during which he asked if I had brought my dinner.  I told him I could wait for our stop in Lancaster.  He said yeah that used to be nice, but they don’t do that anymore. So I needed food STAT.

As I was getting off the bus, I told the check-in person I was going to get a sandwich and I was cheerfully told not to be long because the bus leaves promptly. Now worried that my stuff would end up in Mammoth without me, I spotted a gas station mini-mart across the street, ran over there and got a sandwich from them with the expiration date of 2059. I rushed back to the bus, found a lovely lady a tad older than me who seemingly spoke no English sitting in the seat next to me.  I took my sit ready to go. Time to depart came but no departing occurred.  Seems we were waiting for someone.  On the bright side there were still 47 years of shelf life remaining on my sandwich.

Eventually we were moving, heading toward the 405 North to take us right through the peak of Friday night rush hour(s). Now as we inched our way north in bumper to bumper traffic it was reassuring to know my sandwich would be nice and fresh to eat whenever we broke out of the LA traffic.

Eventually, after a few beers, dinner, and a movie we arrived in Mammoth. I went to my assigned 4 bedroom condo, and learned that I would be in the bunk bed room with two other guys. Everyone immediately went to bed so they could get up early for first tracks on the corduroy groomed runs. All in all the first day was ….. rocky.

Saturday I had a nice day skiing. And, Saturday night I enjoyed a wonderful family like lasagna dinner with my condo group. The other Roger brought cheese, crackers, meats, and wine. And I had snuck out and bought shrimp and wine. So while the dinner was being made we had a great cocktail hour. Because the bus group was split into 4 or 5 condos I only really got to know the 7 others in my condo. I’m sure all the groups were fine, but I can tell you my group was great!

I had a nice day skiing with my condo mates on Sunday, and then it was time for the trip home. The bus stopped in the Village to pick up our complimentary box lunches and off we went. After dinner, a couple beers, and two movies we were back in the South Bay.

I can tell you the ski club trip is a huge bang for the buck, and as a bonus you get to meet and ski with a great bunch of people.  Check it out http://www.slopesurfers.com.

Good Eating and Table Talk,



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