We were ordering dinner at the Roundhouse on Bald Mountain.  The offerings on the menu were wonderful but not necessarily kid friendly. When the waiter asked  my 13 year old son what he would like, he ordered the linguine. My son is a big pasta fan, but I was not certain how he would go for spinach linguine with andouille sausage and seafood.  To my surprise he loved it! So I sampled his dish, and  it was great. The following easy recipe is based on my one taste of my son’s meal, and my recollection of how the meal presented. I am not certain if I actually captured their dish, but the dish was the inspriation for the following easy recipe which makes for a great dinner!

Recipe serves 4.


2 – 8oz packets of Spinach Linuine Pasta           

2 – 6oz links Smoked Andouille Chicken Sausage          

6 Mushrooms – sliced

4 Green Onions – cut 1/3 inch segments

8 Argentinian Red Shrimp                                                                    

12 Langostino Tails (small  frozen type from Trader Joe’s)

8 Jumbo Scallops – halved

½ tsp Capers

1 Tbsp Fresh Basil – diced

3 Cloves Garlic – minced

1 Tbsp Olive Oil

¼ Cup Red Wine

1Tbsp butter

Fresh Parmesan cheese


Begin bringing large pot of water to boil.

In medium size fry pan cook the Andouille Sausage for about 12 minutes. Remove sausage and set aside. To the fry pan add olive oil and onions. Saute’ briefly add 1/2 the butter, garlic, mushrooms, capers, wine and sauté.

Add the Linguine to the boiling water and cook per directions on package .

Add the shrimp, langostino, and scallops to the fry pan and cook for about 4 minutes stirring to cook both sides. Cut the Andouille Sausage into coin size rounds and then cut the rounds in half.  Add sausage to the other ingredients in the fry pan, add basil, cover and turn heat off.

Drain water from linguine, and plate four servings.  Spoon equal amounts of sausage, shrimp, scallops, langostino, and veggies on top of the linguine, top with fresh parmesean cheese and serve.

And just like that you are eating a delicious meal that was a snap to make.


To be clear, I received no compensation for the following review.  Based on the tab, I am certain no food item or drink went unbilled! 

I have forever wanted to attend Christmas Mass at the Vatican. Such arrangements can be made, but they must be done far in advance. Early last spring, She Who Must Be Obeyed told me she had a big surprise for my 60th, so big she needed to tell me.  Her idea was to take me to the Christmas Mass at the Vatican.  Initially I was blown away.  But I recovered, and responded that it was too much.  I simply couldn’t drop that kind of loot on just me  (I know give, give, give).  Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a party, especially for me.  So, since it was such a milestone I thought doing something with all the kids, adult children and young son, would be fun.   Sue had a new mission.

One summer Sunday while eating with Sue on the deck, she told she had a new birthday idea for me to consider. Well, actually she phrased it more like, “I have a new idea for your birthday trip, and if you shoot this one down, I’m done with the whole thing”.  I didn’t get this old being stupid, so I immediately knew I was going to love her new idea.    She told me that since I love to ski, and I always talk about going to Sun Valley, maybe we could take the family on a ski trip to Sun Valley.  I loved the idea, and the game was on.

Sue took care of the condo arrangements through vrbo, and I made the flight arrangements.  The months passed, and the day was drawing closer.  In November we started looking at dinner ideas provided by our landlord Bruce.  Sue liked the idea of taking the gondola up to the Roundhouse for dinner.  She suggested I make reservations soon as it would likely sell out.  I called for reservations  a month in advance and my choices were limited to 8:00  Wed. or Thurs.   So eight o’clock it was.

Dressing for a fine dinner half way up a ski mountain, at night, requires some serious consideration. Foremost is trying to dress presentably, while at the same time being able to walk on ice and snow, all the while staying warm.  Around 7:15 on the big night the five of us put on snow boots, ski jackets, hats, gloves and began our walk to the gondola.

As we neared the gondola we could see it was operating, and that there were two warmly dressed men standing  at a hostess style podium.  I told the man with the pen in his hand my name, and that we had reservations for five at 8:00.  He calmly looked up and inquired if one of us was Sue?  That struck me odd, as we were a thousand miles from home, in a small ski town, in the night, at a gondola with just us and two attendents. Undaunted Sue told the man that her name was Sue.  To which the attendant replied , “I’m Bruce your landlord, how’s your vacation going?”   We had a good laugh, told Bruce how much we were enjoying his condo, and then he escorted us to the gondola.  As we entered the gondola Bruce handed us blankets to keep us warm while sitting on the long trip up to the Roundhouse.

The trip up to the Roundhouse was magnificent. It was a clear night, and as we climbed away from the base of the mountain we could see the lights of Ketchum and then Sun Valley.  At the top of the gondola we stepped out onto packed snow, and walked up the steps to the Roundhouse. 

By day the Roundhouse is a nice place for lunch or snacks while skiing. But at night it is transformed into a fine restaurant. As we entered we were greeted by the hostess and a beautful fire roaring in large fireplace. Since we arrived a little early the hostess  escorted us through the main dining area and down a flight of stairs to the bar.  We ordered drinks, and by the time they arrived our table was ready along the wall of windows overlooking Ketchum 2,400 feet below.

I don’t know how they do it. By day the Roundhouse is serving skiers hot dogs and burgers, but at night it is a wonderful lodge like fine restaurant. The service is great, the food wonderful, and the experience is one that should not be missed. I have many, many wonderful memmories from my 60th, but She Who Must Be Obeyed really out did herself with our family dinner on the mountain.

Good Eating and Table Talk,



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