Easy Langostino Pennette Pasta


14 oz Trader Joe’s frozen bag of Langostino Tails

4 Sun Dried Tomatoes – sliced into ¼” strips (from store bought jar)

1 C  Onion – diced

1 – 14 0z can Tomato Sauce

2 Tbsp fresh Basil – chopped

2 Tbsp garlic – minced

1 tsp fresh Oregano – diced

1 tsp fresh Thyme – minced

Salt and Pepper to taste

1 Tbsp butter

½ C – half and half cream

2 0z –   American Honey Whiskey

2 C – Pennette Pasta – cooked per box directions

French Bread – sliced

In the large pot you will use to make the sauce, first melt butter, add onion, sauté for 2 minutes, add sun dried tomatoes and garlic and simmer for 2 minutes.  Stir while simmering.  Add the American Honey, stir for a minute or two, and then add the tomato sauce. Bring to boil, add all the herbs and reduce to low simmer. After 10 minutes of simmering add half and half, stir and continue at low simmer.

Under cold running water thaw a 14 oz bag of Trader Joes’s pre-cooked Langostino Tails. Drain and store in fridge .  






Slice French Bread.

Bring a large pot of water to boil, add the Pennette Pasta. When pasta is done, drain water from pasta, and set pasta aside.

Bring the sauce to a boil and add the Langostino Tails, and then reduce to strong simmer for 5 minutes.

In each of 4 large soup bowls place a serving of pasta. Next add sauce with Langostino Tails, and top with parmesan cheese.  Add a couple slices of French Bread and get ready for a great easy meal.




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The first in series Jack Fields and Amber Reyes adventure novel is available at all major e-book retailers.


Occasionally I get out of the kitchen bunker. 

Remote Bunker

Today I ventured out to my favorite “remote” bunker to catch some rays, and catch up on what’s new in the only cooking magazine I get anymore, Cuisine at Home.  I like this mag because the recipes are fresh, and easy to follow.  I used to get three or more cooking and wine magazines.  Some no longer exist, and I suspect the blogo-sphere may have been their undoing.   

Another thing I do quite well at the “remote” bunker is day dream.  I am a gifted day dreamer.  Always have been.  I can recall day dreaming in my third grade class, and getting into a boat load of trouble when the teacher realized my mind had left the building.  My teacher was unimpressed with my honest admission that I was day dreaming about going to Disneyland next summer.  The day dreams for that school day were promptly shut done. I would have to wait until walking home in the snow and wind to reconvene dreaming of the upcoming summer vacation to D – Land.

So, here I am reading, watching my son and his friend surf, day dreaming.

All of a sudden I remember going though the grocery line the other week, when the guy behind to me took the time and energy to proclaim, ” times must be good you are having filet mignon”.  Ironically, although I write a blog, and occasionally argue in front of a jury, I am a pretty private person.  So I quietly thanked my new checkout line buddy for his on the spot analysis, and shuffled along.    

But, while shuffling along, I began to wonder what was the total cost of the great meal I had planned?  So I did the numbers in my head.  The filet mignon cost about 24 smackers, and the fresh salad makings cost about 4 clams.  So my ‘big dog’ meal for three cost a whopping $9.00  a serving.  That did not seem too bad to me for a great home cooked meal.

So here I am at the beach reliving the moment in my day dream, when it hits me.  The other night I ordered pizza for my son and me because She Who Must Be Obeyed was out, and football practice had run late.  My son requested a cheese medium size pizza, and I got a medium pepperoni.   With tip,  we paid $28.00.  So, the insta-meal for two cost $14.00 each!

So, as it turns out, the pricey meal was the pizza and not my beloved filet mignon.  This story brings home what Easy Recipes and stuff is all about; affordable, quick, easy, family meals that anyone can make.  There will always be occassions were ordering out is necessary, but with a little planning those occasions can be few and far between.

Heck, instead of ordering that costly pizza, save some money, make a great Easy Recipe meal, and talk about your favorite day dream.

Good Eating and Table Talk,



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