Easy Recipe for Egg Prosciutto Breakfast In Bed Sandwich


While trying to come up with this week’s recipe I was scanning the weather report for the beach, and as it looked like the morning could be cloudy I decided to make a Sunday breakfast in bed for She Who Must Be Obeyed. The following step by step recipe is easy to make and results in a quick great meal.

This recipe typically serves two:

2 Whole Wheat Bagels – cut in half and toasted

2 Eggs – over easy

3 oz Prosciutto

4 Sun dried Tomatoes – sliced

1/4 C Gruyere Cheese – grated (Sue thinks her serving could have had less cheese)

Assorted Fruit

Drizzle a little olive oil over the toasted bagel.


Place both over easy eggs on a paper plate,  add Prosciutto to each, next add grated Gruyere cheese, and top with slices of sun dried tomato.  Place in microwave oven until cheese is melted (this will also firm up the egg so do not overcook the egg).







Lift the prepared egg off the paper plate and place on the bottom half of bagel on serving plate.  And boom baby you cook like a pro.

To really do it up right, you could also prepare Bloody Marys. Here is Sue’s step by step recipe for a very good Bloody Mary: Fill highball glass with ice.  To each glass add 2 oz of jalapeno infused vodka (night before add strips of jalapeno [seeds removed] to bottle of vodka and place in freezer), add prepared Bloody Mary Mix, a drizzle of Worcestershire Sauce, 1/8 tsp prepared horseradish, 4 dashes of Tabasco sauce, and a touch of lemon pepper.   



When I was in high school through undergraduate college, I played keyboard in a number of cover rock bands.  Those were extraordinarily fun times. We bought various vehicles to transport our gear. I recall owning a piece of two Ford Econo-line vans, a Pontiac Bonneville, and a huge Lincoln.  All the vehicles needed to be powerful enough to pull a trailer. I absolutely do not know how a bunch of teens could title and insure vehicles as a band.  Suffice it to say those were simpler times.     

We played one to two night stands at various dance halls in North Dakota, Montana, South Dakota, and Western Minnesota.  We occasionally ventured into Manitoba and Saskatchowan, Canada.

Those were fun and occasionally scary times.  As one of only a handful of long haired “hippies” in the region, we were quite often welcomed at truck stop restaurants with the friendly phrase “Hi Girls” or a very short word that starts with ‘f’ and rhymes with agate.  My personal favorite taunt occured  while eating at a truck stop around 2:00 a.m. when an old drunk at the counter turned around, gazed over at me and slurred out “who do you think you are, Jesus?”  I took that as a tremendous compliment but wondered to myself if he might be on his way to meeting the real thing later that night on his drunken drive home.   

The unwanted attention of people, not quite ready for our look, paled in comparison to the hostile weather during the winter months. We always travelled with candles for light and heat, drinks (water or beer depending) and some food just in case we were trapped in a blizzard.

I remember on one occasion on the drive to perform at the NCO Club at the Minot Air Force Base it was sleeting (ice-rain and snow) heavily. On the way home the sleet had turned to snow creating very bad visibility for driving. On this occasion our drummer, accompanied by a friend, was driving his own car and leading the way in the storm. He was doing a fine job until he casually drove into the ditch and shortly thereafter the rear of a car already in the ditch. 

Fortunately no one was hurt, and at such low speed and deep snow, the cars were barely scratched. Of course we in the van were laughing our butts off at his misfortune. Then the scene turned even funnier.  Due to the black ice under the new snow, and the strong wind pushing against the drummer and his friend, they were having trouble walking to the van.  They literally could not stop on the black ice and instead slid right past the van. 

So now all of us in the warm van are in tears laughing at our drummer sliding away into the darkness and certain death.  Coming to our senses and realizing that he and his buddy could actually be in some degree of danger, but not wanting to join them, we had the idea to throw them a lifeline.  Of course we did not have any rope, so we connected and tied together extension cords (rock bands have lots of extension cords), threw the long cord out and proceeded to pull the drummer and his friend to the rear of the van. Our laughter by now was near hysterical in intensity.  For sure nothing could be funnier.

But we were wrong. 

Once we abandoned his car and renewed our slow drive through the blizzard we asked what the heck happened?  Why did it look like you just drove right into the ditch?  We then learned that our drummer had had a plan. With a straight face he told us that he had been carefully following the only set of car tracks visible on the road.  His logical, but entirely without reason, assumption was that the driver in front must have known where he was going. So, he followed the tracks very carefully, never taking his eyes off the tracks, right into the ditch and shortly thereafter right into the the trunk of a car that had driven into the ditch earlier. Nice, real nice.

What a fun night. There were many, many more fun band adventures which I will from time to time try to conjure up.

I am guessing we were all young and “stupid” once, so tell your story and have a really fun table conversation.

Good Eating and Table Talk,



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