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Goodbye Mimi 

We said goodbye to a very special friend on Saturday. Mimi was so beautiful and petite, yet so strong.  She and her husband Gerard were the energy in any room they entered.  Both were loving, caring, and just plain fun to be with. 

Gerard first saw Mimi walking down a beach in Puerto Rico. He knew she was the one.  But Mimi was not instantly won over by the little Frenchman. Gerard persisted, and a love of romance novel proportions grew between them. 

Early in their marriage, while living in New York Gerard had his first heart attack.  Tiny Mimi literally carried Gerard to a nearby trauma center, saving his life. 

Eight years ago, Gerard had his last heart attack.  There was no saving him this time and he was gone. I think Mimi died that day as well.  She never fully got over the loss. But, there was much she still had to do. You see their daughter was in high school.

After Danielle graduated from high school, Mimi, now a single working mother, got Danielle into LMU.  In four years Danielle graduated. Mimi was happy and so proud that day. With Mimi’s loving guidance and spirit, her and Gerard’s daughter matured into a beautiful and special young adult.

A week ago Sunday, Mimi went to sleep in her and Gerard’s bed, in their house overlooking the Pacific Ocean, for the last time. No doubt she is now once again walking the beach with Gerard. 

It is ironic how two people with such loving hearts would both pass away through the failing of the heart, Gerard by a heart attack, and Mimi by an undiagnosed broken heart.

Goodbye Mimi,

Roger & Sue

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